Can HGH Help Burn Body Fat?

Many scientific research and clinical trials have link HGH with fat loss and muscle building. Physicians and health professionals globally have determined HGH to be an effective body fat burning, weight loss and muscle building method known to science. If you are thinking of getting rid of your extra body weight, then you should start by coordinating your body metabolism into a fat burning machine by adding HGH in your daily weight management program.

How HGH triggers weight loss

HGH is the most significant element in the human body. It is secreted by the pituitary gland and directed to the liver, where it starts its influence on tissues and cells of the human body. As we age the production of this growth hormone decreases. And when it decreases we tend to experience an increased body weight, decreased lean muscles and lack of energy as well.

However, by increasing the growth hormone with prescription HGH, you can easily shed off the unwanted body weight. The HGH is converted to IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) in the liver. The IGF-1 competes with receptors such as insulin in the cell surface. When this happens, less glucose is transported to the cell to burn as energy, making the body burn fats instead.

Normally, the human body uses all glucose as energy before using the energy from their fat reserves. The HGH forces the body to obtain extra energy from the fat reserves, which results in the significant fat loss. Since the HGH forces the body to burn down fats for energy, it simply means that you will shed off more weight even during your inactive periods. Energy is needed in all aspects of living and therefore, HGH promotes fat loss even while you are sleeping.

Additionally, HGH can allow you eat a large amount of food without gaining some extra unwanted weight. It replaces the need to diet. It is always recommended that you eat low-glycemic food while using HGH so that you do not gain excess glucose in the blood stream. Excess glucose can lead to some other disorders which may include insulin resistance and diabetes risk.

Another beneficial effect of HGH is its heightened energy level and metabolism. The naturally produced HGH creates these effects when you are young, and by using HGH for sale as a mature person you can still feel the same energy you felled while you were young. Increased metabolism results to increased fat loss. In some cases, the HGH causes weight loss even without doing any exercise. HGH promotes fat loss, increases the body strength, and also promotes health weight gain.

When to take HGH supplement

Under normal circumstances, growth hormone is produced in pituitary glands. However, there is a time when its concentration is in optimum level. Pituitary glands are always active while you are in deep slumber.

Hence, you should take HGH supplement 30 minutes before bed. Whether you are using oral pills or injections, it is recommended to take it after dinner. After entering the system the hormone triggers the liver to secret IGF-1 which is responsible for preventing storage of glucose as fats.

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