Factors to consider looking for the best RC truck

When you want to buy RC trucks, there are so many things you will need to consider such as power source, type of truck, scale, and condition in which to buy (in-built, built and partially built) etc.

All these determine to a great extent what you can do with it upon purchase, the kind of RC truck you are looking for, and the amount of work the user will have to put in place before driving it.

Below are some useful tips you need to consider:

Choose the one that is easy to drive

Make sure the one you have in mind of buying is fun to drive. If you want the one that is super fast, then you shouldn’t go for the one that uses gas or nitro. Choosing the electric or brushed motor might be a good option. Check out the Best rc truck on rcstate.com.

RTR models are known as ‘ready to run’ or ‘race’. They are already put together. Just ensure they come with a decent charger, batteries and a remote.Go for RTR models

Consider durability and repair

Since you will be using RC trucks both on trails and dirty roads. Therefore, you should buy the one that comes with extra features, so that it won’t be difficult for you if you needed to upgrade or fix things like bodies, servo, motor, tires, and suspension.

Take time to read the reviews of some of them, and select the ones that were solidly built and the one that explains in clear terms how to make upgrades and repairs.

Brand name, scale and accessories affect the pricing option


If you are looking for quality, then pricing shouldn’t be a challenge for you. It is better to pay a high price for something that is durable, than just a disposable junk within few months of purchase.

Another good thing you should consider is that the RC truck you are buying should be a product of licensed brand names. Bigger trucks are more expensive than smaller ones.

Let it be large, but not too large

Choose something that is large, so that it can comfortably work on dirt and trails. Choose RC trucks you can successfully pack your items into during vacations. Bigger trucks, though quite expensive really work well on dirt, pavement and grass than smaller ones.

Look for the one with high capacity battery

Further research shows that RC trucks comes with different battery capacity, some have low capacity battery, thereby taking about 6 hours or more to charge a battery to full capacity, while there are ones that can charge the battery under 30 minutes.

Each RC truck comes with user manual, ensure you read them and find out their battery capacity. There is no point buying the one that will take you more time to charge since you can get the one that will charge under 30 minutes or less with ease.

Nitro or Electric?

RC trucks can run either on electric or nitro. Different users have preferences. There has been a debate at different times on which one is the best; some say they prefer nitro, while a good number of users subscribe for electric.

There are many reasons why those that love nitro trucks goes for it, one of the it is that they love the smell that usually comes out of the engine when the truck is in use, another group says they love the fact that you can re-fuel it while the RC truck is running, whereas in electric trucks, you will have to power it off, recharge the battery before you can start using it again.

Proponents of electric trucks say that it is easy to use, easy to maintain, cleaner, quieter, and runs super fast than nitro trucks.

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