Which Is Better Between Rotating And Flipping Your Mattress?


Flip or rotate the mattress is commonly debated topic. There is not a consensus which option is the best. Some years ago, mattresses sellers used to recommend you to flip your mattress every few months to keep it in good shape while at the same time make it more comfortable.

This was so because mattresses by then were double sided so they could still work well no matter the side facing up. Flipping your mattress is meant to ensure even wearing out, prevent sagging and increase the lifespan off the best firm mattress.

However, with technological developments in mattress manufacturing, mattresses are now single sided. Mattresses today come with a firm support layer with a few toppers that glued on top serving as the comfort layers.

This structure is not ideal for flipping and by doing so; you would be trying to sleep on the firm support layer that is uncomfortable. So there is no reason to keep flipping it every few months.

So should I rotate or flip?

First, let me say this straight. By rotating, it means moving it 180 degrees such that the portion that was at the head moves to the foot.

Notably, rotating does not involve flipping since after rotating you will still sleep on the same surface. On the other hand, flipping involves turning the mattress over so that you can sleep on the other side of the mattress. By flipping, you are making a rotation.

Note that if you sleep on the same spot every night, your mattress will wear unevenly over time and can easily sag. Sagging will push your spine out of alignment and can lead to back problems. Rotation gives each area a chance to recover as well as a chance for new spot to take the weight.

Just like flipping, rotation even out the overall wear and enhance the mattress lifespan. So should you flip or rotate? One thing for sure, there is no one correct answer for this because mattresses are made from different combinations of materials.

The best thing you can do is to flip the mattress with a rotation. This is important because if you rotate the mattress only you will be sleeping on one of its surfaces. However, flipping means that you are also using the other side of the mattress. This combination enhances the lifespan of a mattress even further.

Important points to note

While we talk about the benefits of flipping and rotating a mattress, it is important to know that not all mattresses can be flipped. Some high-end mattresses allow both for flipping and rotation but some do not. Sometimes these mattresses are labeled whether flipping is required or not.

It is therefore important to be careful when buying a mattress. A mattress that can be flipped will give you extra years of service. In the end, this is economical.

A mattress that cannot be flipped is highly likely to be of a much lower quality on one side. Mattress flip ability can be a standard measure of quality, however; this may not be always true.

Ideal flipping or rotation interval

Many sleep experts recommend flipping or rotating the mattress every six months or twice a year. However, there is no one-size fit all answer to this. What is important is for you to be even in your flipping or rotation exercise to ensure even wearing.


Both flipping and rotating are important as it even out the pressure on the mattress extending the lifespan of your mattress. What matters most is the interval at which you rotate or flip it.

Irregular flipping does more harm, as it does not allow equal time for wearing. Therefore, try as much as you can to be regular. Do not forget that not all mattresses are flappable, so always check before buying, as this can be your mark of quality.


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