You might need the following tips

  1. Pay your Doctor a Visit: You should consult your doctor to determine what kind of exercise is suitable for your health and body during pregnancy.

Avoid all sports that might result in a fall such as skiing or horseback riding.

  1. Do not Over-exert Yourself: Remember, it is exercise and not stress so be careful not to over-exert yourself.

You will be over-exerting yourself if you are left out of breath at the end of the exercise.

Also remember that you are carrying a baby whose safety must be put into serious consideration so engage in less difficult exercises.

Avoid doing your exercise under hot weather conditions. Do not stay in the sun for too long.

  1. Maintain your Balance: You would be making a huge mistake of you think your body is still as it were before pregnancy, the big bulge before you must be considered.

So be careful and find your balance because the added weight of pregnancy makes you more likely to fall.

  1. Avoid Dehydration: While engaged in pregnancy exercises, ensure you stay hydrated by drinking water regularly.
  2. Ensure Blood Circulation: Aerobic exercises are good to keep the blood circulation normal.

You can also try walking; either outdoors or indoors using a treadmill set (be sure not to set the treadmill machine at a fast pace and concentrate to avoid falling).

You can try lifting light weights but avoid exercises that involve lying on your back while lifting upper parts of your body during the second and third trimesters.

  1. Study your Body: As you approach the delivery period, it becomes more difficult to engage in strenuous activities.

Only engage in what is comfortable for you and do not strain your body by doing more than it can take.

Finally, we must foreground the fact that exercise is necessary for the body and mind during pregnancy, except in cases where there are health related issues or challenges disallowing the pregnant woman for engaging in a regular exercise schedule. More tips are available at

However, you should not forget to visit your doctor for specifications and know what kind of exercise suits you most.

Women with issues of vaginal bleeding, early contractions and high blood pressure should not engage in exercises till they have seen their doctor for the green light.

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